How to have a flawless eyelashes

Long, lush and thick lashes can definitely brighten eyes, and really add a flawless, ready-to-tackle-the-world glow. From thickening and lengthening mascaras to false lashes and other tools to get rid of clumps, finding the ultimate solution to perfect lashes is on all of our to do lists. 

Here are 5 tricks to getting flawless eyelashes every time.

1. Use a spoon while applying mascara to your lower lashes. This will help protect the skin and under eye from smudging. Hold the curved side of the spoon away from your skin and then apply mascara. Use on your upper lashes too!

2. Try bending the brush on the mascara wand to make it more easily maneuverable. Shaping the brush will make getting those hard to reach lashes much easier, while also giving you a better angle with more control. When removing the mascara wand from its tube, just give the brush a small bend – making it perpendicular to the handle. 

3. Add a sprinkle of powder to lashes in between the first and second coats – this will plump up the lashes. The powder will stick to the first layer of mascara adding volume and depth. 

4. For the ultimate in length and curl, heat your lash curler with a blow dryer (just a few seconds!) before use. Be sure to make sure it’s not super hot (you can test it on the back of your hand) and then go for it. Curl your lashes like you normally would, only you’ll see more defined, lengthened lashes. 

5. Mascara clumping? A clean toothbrush will do the trick. Use the bristles of the toothbrush to comb through lashes after mascara has been applied. Remember to go from the root of the lashes out to the tip.

Have you tried these tricks? Have other tricks? Please share :)