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I'm going to get a little personal.

This is regarding what all women go through each month...

Yes... the dreaded menstrual cycle.

It seems the older I get the worse my cramps get... I used to think "the curse" was no big deal - more of a hassle...

But now I am in agony and I just want to lay and do nothing, and everything I've taken for pain is just not working... Tylenol, Aleive, Mortin...

I call in sick to my full time job 2 - 3 days each month, house cleaning and cooking is at a stand still...

A few months ago, I was searching for natural ways to alleviate cramps online and the ZIIVAA Belt website came up.

The Ziivaa Belt is safe, effective, does not inhibit the natural menstrual cycle in any way. 

I watched the instructional video, read the success stories and although pricey ($150) I decided to purchase one.

- This is a belt you put around the hips that compresses the pelvis which relaxes the uterus.

- Once the belt is comfortably tightened, there is a compression pad that can be adjusted or tightened as much as you need. 

- The device goes directly to the source to reduce, and in most cases, eliminate the pain. 

- Each treatment is only 15 minutes.

- Many women experience complete relief with only one treatment per cycle while others may require one or two treatments a day. 

- The ZIIVAA belt can be used by women of all ages that suffer mild to intense cramping, designed to provide relief in minutes.

When I got my period this month, I was in pain as usual. I was actually excited to get the chance to test out my ZIIVAA belt. 

I put it on and adjusted it over my lower pelvis and pulled the belt just tight enough that it was secured into place. 

I checked to make sure that the ratchet pads were on each hip and in the correct placement for proper compression. 

I laid down on my side and waited for relief. In about 8 minutes, I could actually feel my cramps subsiding. I could not believe it was happening so fast! 

I laid there for about 20 minutes and was just amazed to feel that my cramps were almost completely gone! 

Nothing has ever worked this quickly before. I was able to go about my day without any more cramping. 

The cramps did return later on that night. I once again put on the belt adjusted it and applied compression. Within 7 minutes the cramps were gone and I had no cramps throughout the night! 

I used the belt for the next few days and little by little the cramps subsided. By day 3 the cramps weren't even that bad.

This product is absolutely wonderful for me!

- The unique design and quick release feature allows you to position and adjust the compression pads where you need them most. ZIIVAA works for most body shapes and sizes.

- The belt fits into a convenient and discreet travel bag, allowing you to use it on the go.

- The ZIIVAA Belt  is the alternative to over-the-counter medicines and hormone therapy. 

- The belt is worn low on your hips and uses minimal compression to relax the ligaments that cause menstrual discomfort. 

- There are no batteries or electronics.

It is the BEST product I have used!

Live your Life, Get the ZIIVAA Belt!!