Footnoter Exfoliating socks

I have always had dry cracked feet, mostly on my heels.

I found this great product at

The exfoliating socks are amazing!

How it works:

The exfoliating socks uses your own skin's natural peeling effect, causing the upper layer of skin to peel off. This helps to remove dry dead skin cells or hard skin. It can take 5 to 10 days to see the effects.

How to use:

- remove the socks from the packaging. Cut along the designated lines. I cut less to make them fit like a sock - snug around ankle.

- relax for 60 minutes, remove the socks, wash feet making sure there is no Gel left over.

That's it!

It is sooooo relaxing! I sat in my recliner and it was just like a spa!

I had super soft feet after!

Please note:
* 5 - 10 days after application the hardened dead skin will begin to peel from your feet *

* The peeling effect can last up to 2 weeks *

* Do not forcefully remove the skin when the peeling process starts *

It's like a mask for your feet! Amazing!

Included in the package was a reusable blister protection pad. I can't wait to use this the next time I am breaking in new shoes!

If you have a particularly stubborn area of dead skin (edge of toe, or heels?) they also have the Footner Exfoliating Pen for targeted exfoliation - use twice a day for three weeks to see a difference to those rough, thick areas of dead skin!

Footner also has special on-line offers right now.... BOGO 50% OFF!

TWO pairs of socks or a Sock and Pen set for just $29.99

If you or someone you know has dry cracked feet, calluses etc. this is a great gift for them!

If you would like more information on Footner, go to