Spooky Eyes Contacts Review

Spooky Eyes is a website specializing in natural colored and special effect contact lenses. They also feature UV & Blacklight lenses and Halloween contacts. The company is located in the U.K and ships worldwide for free.

I ordered a pair of "wolf" orange contacts. You can view the listing HERE. The item arrived in a brown envelope. The contacts were in a small box and came with a receipt. The back of the receipt has a return form. It lists their terms on returning orders if you are unsatisfied. The contacts were individually sealed in separate packets in saline. The packets are not reusable. You have to purchase your own contact case and saline solution to store them. I put the contacts in and wore them for roughly 2 - 3 hours a day for about 4 days. 

I Loved how the contacts looked. The bright orange color was very noticeable. Unlike prescription contacts that are measured to the eye, throughout  the day the contacts kept moving, I put eye drops in both of my eyes hoping it would help but the contacts continued to move about. After several hours, I removed them.

I personally wouldn't wear my wolf contacts everyday as they are quite different. But they would be fun for changing things up once in awhile and definitely great for Halloween. 

Spooky Eyes has a huge selection of natural colors as well as more costume type / special effects colors like I have. 

I would recommend wearing them for only a few hours and having some eye drops on hand in case of dryness.

The contacts range from $15.95 - $29.95.

I personally think they are great and I look forward to trying more colors.

To see what other colors Spooky Eyes has to offer, go to: SpookyEyes.com

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