Vain Pursuits Personal Skincare Review

There were quite a lot of you who requested a Vain Pursuits review. 

When I went to the website I was definitely intrigued!

Vain Pursuits is a personal Skincare service.

This company realizes that everyone is different and has different skincare issues. 

What works for one person may not work for another. 

It's a great concept!

It is not a subscription service and doesn't require a membership fee.

How it works:

- Start by filling out the skincare profile, which asks questions about your skin type, product preferences, lifestyle, skincare history and habits. 

- Vain Pursuits will then create a kit for you to try at home. 
I loved the cute little package it came in and completely personalized!! Love it!
Sorry, I unwrapped the package and then decided to take a picture... 
It comes wrapped beautifully.

- You will receive 3 custom mini products that skincare experts have made just for you! Literally with your name all over it :)
I received a night cream, day cream and a facial moisturizer

- The Vain kit also has cards for each product mini, this lists ingredients and has a personal message from your skincare expert letting you know why they have chosen to send you  that particular product. 

- Your skincare Galpal will send an email asking how you liked the products, scent etc. what you liked and didn't like in order to make the perfect skincare product for you!

- When you have found the perfect formula you are able to purchase a full sized product.  

<I love that the experts are with you every step of the way! >

There is a personalization fee of $20. 

This  includes your skincare analysis, shipping, personalized minis, and any galpal support you may need before you order your full-size product. 

Once they have your perfect formula, the personalization fee will be credited towards any full-size products you purchase based on the minis in that shipment. 

<Prices on full-size products vary, but generally cost between $45-80.>

Vain Pursuits products are cruelty-free - never tested on animals -  only use natural and plant-based ingredients. There are no parabens or sulfates in any of the products. Essential oils are used for beautiful aromas and aromatherapeutic properties. 

I personally find a huge difference between natural based products and products that aren't. 
My skin feels better, even if it is hand lotion, soap, or a day cream. 

Although the size is mini, there is quite a lot of product in the little jar. I have been using my products practically everyday for the last 2 weeks and I still have more than half of the product left. 

I also found that I used less product than I usually do with a drugstore brand. 

The products I received had a very light texture. My skin felt breathable, not shiny or oily. There was a very soft scent, citrus and vanilla - not overpowering at all.

I have been very impressed with Vain Pursuits and am hoping to try a formula for some other skincare items, like cleansers or masks, then I will have a whole set of personalized skincare products!

If you would like to try Vain Pursuits, go to: