Winter Nail Art Series: Candy Cane French Tip

This nail art design would be great if you want something easy.

If you like a french tip nail, you will love this. 

It can be worn everyday casual and out for a Christmas party. 

It took me no time at all!

Here is what you need:

- Base coat
- White nail polish
- Red nail polish
- Green nail polish (Optional)
- Glitter nail polish (Optional)
- A nail striper (see DIY Nail art tools)
- Top coat

Step 1:
Apply base coat to the nail. Let dry. Apply white nail polish to the tips of the nail. I use the nail polish brush and swipe down the tip but use whatever technique you are comfortable with.

Step 2:
Wait a few minutes to let the white polish settle (this prevents smudging). Using a nail striper(I used a toothpick) dipped in a red polish, apply diagonal lines on the white tip.

Step 3:
If you like this look, you can apply a generous amount of Top coat.

If you want to add to this design continue to the next steps.

Step 4:
Using a nail striper dipped in green polish, apply a green line just above the white tip.

Step 5:
To add some sparkle, use the same technique in step 4 using a  glitter polish.
Allow nails to dry for a few minutes to avoid smudging and apply a fast drying top coat.

Simple yet beautiful!

 I would love to see your nail art recreations, please share with me on InstagramFacebook or Twitter using #BU10nails.

Products used:

Julep Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat • $18.00 

L.A. Colors Nail Polish • Wet Seal • $3.90 

Revlon Nail Care Quick Dry Polish • Revlon • $6.49 

-OPI PRODUCTS, INC. OPI Alpine Snow Nail Polish - .5 oz. • jcpenney • $9.00 

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Extreme Wear Nail Color • Sally Hansen • $2.99–4.99