Winter Nail Art Series: Snowflake Nails

These snowflake nails are so pretty. It looks like a close up of snowflakes and snow falling. 

They have a sophisticated look to them. 

Great for Christmas parties, winter wedding or even for everyday wear. 

I used the snowflakes as accent nails on my thumb and ring finger. You can definitely use the snowflakes on each of your nails. 

You will need a dotting tool and a nail striper, if you don't have these items on hand, here is my blog post on DIY Nail art tools.

For the colors, I used a bright blue background, white for the snowflakes and some dots and a lighter blue for a little extra color. I also used some glitter nail polish to add some shimmer to the snowflakes.  

Here is what you need:

- Base Coat
- A Base Color (I chose Blue nail polish)
- A White nail polish
- Dotting tool
- Nail Striper
- Top Coat
- Glitter nail polish (Optional)

- A Light Blue nail polish (Optional)

Step 1:
Prep the nail by applying a base coat.
This will also help the nail polish to adhere to the nails. 

Once dry, apply a base color. Let dry completely.

Step 2:
To make the snowflakes, use a nail striper dipped in white nail polish, apply an "X" to the nail. Then add another line through the "X" to make a star shape.

Step 3:
Using a dotting tool dipped in the white polish, place some dots at the end of each line and one big dot in the middle.  Add a few small dots near the snowflakes. 
Snowflakes are done!

Step 4:
To make falling snow, use a dotting tool dipped in white polish and place 3  large dots to the tip of the nail.
Now apply smaller dots going up towards the cuticle.

Step 5: (Optional)
To add some color, dip the dotting tool into a light blue polish and turn some white dots into blue. You can also dab some glitter nail polish onto the snowflakes and in a few random dots for a shimmer effect.

Step 6:
Let nails dry for a few minutes to prevent smudging, apply a generous amount of top coat to add a glossy shine. 

There you go! Beautiful Snowflake nails!

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