Dutch Braid Updo

I have been seeing this style all over Pinterest. I didn't want to attempt it because I thought it was waayyy too difficult. 

I loved the style though.

I decided to break it down and try the easiest way to make this style. That where the Dutch Braid comes in. 

I mention in the video that a dutch braid is the same as a french braid but instead of bringing the sections over each other, you are bringing the sections under each section. (Hope that makes sense :/)

Once you pull on the sides it turns into an elegant looking style - great for weddings and other formal events. 

I like to use the Goody Sprial pins for this style because they hold so much of the hair.
Regular bobby pins will also work just fine, you may need a few more in order to secure the hair. 

I show 2 ways to wear this updo - a casual down-do and an updo.

Here is the tutorial:

Products used:

- Goody 2" Bobby Pins Black 2 Packs of 60 Count • Goody • $5.18

- Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin for Light Hair 3 Easy Styles 2 Pins • $6.99

- Goody Womens Classic Polyband Elastics 52CT - Color: Clear - 2 Packs • Goody • $6.64