Keep it or Toss it?

I did a blog post about the expiry of cosmetics called To Toss or not to toss?? which has some great info on knowing when to throw out that makeup sitting in your bag that hasn't been used for awhile. 

Here is an update on how to know when makeup expires!

I was noticing this little symbol on the back of my blush and foundation containers. It looks like a little lotion pot with a lid. It also has a number and the letter "M".

I looked up what that meant and it is the expiry date.

The "M" stands for months and the number is how many months.

This eye shadow has 30M, which means it will expire in 30 months. 

I thought this was amazing! ( I don't have much excitement in my life, haha!)

I wanted to share this with my readers! 

When using the product, take a sharpie, write the month (March) onto the item, if you are able to, and when you wonder if that cosmetic has gone bad you can look at the little symbol. 

Pretty easy right?

Do you have any tips for finding out if a product is past it's expiry??