DIY Project using old Birthday Cards

As I've mentioned I just moved. I was going through boxes and found some old Birthday / Valentine's day cards. It saddened me that they were just sitting in a box, someone took the time to find these beautiful cards for me and they are just in a box...

I couldn't have shelves full of old cards, well I guess I could have but that was not the decor I was looking for. 

I found a picture frame that hadn't been used, some Mod Podge and a few craft items.

I decided to make something out of the cards. At first I used a heart craft puncher but the pieces were too small, I then decided to make round confetti shapes. 

I used the paper in the picture frame as a template for what shapes I wanted. 

In pencil I drew "I" "a heart" "U", I made several changes and fixed it until I liked the shape, height, width. 

I arranged the confetti onto the template to get an idea of the colors I wanted to use.

Then I put some Mod Podge onto the template, added some confetti pieces and let it sit overnight.

I added more confetti to the bare areas, erased the pencil marks and applied one more coat of Mod Podge

Once that was dry and the pieces were not falling off, I applied a bit more glue (you know me - I love some sparkle) and added glitter to make the letters a little more defined.  

I loved how it turned out!

Even though I cut the card into small pieces, I love looking at my project and knowing it is made from cards that someone bought for me. 

Although they aren't full cards, at least the cards are somehow being displayed. 

I'm going to get a large craft puncher to do another card project ! (future project!!)

Hope you liked this little DIY way to use old cards :)