Nail Art using Dental Floss

I am always looking for household items to use for nail art techniques.

I decided to try a dental floss stick. I purchased mine at a dollar store and it came with 20 in a package.
The only thing I would recommend is make sure not to get the kind with wax on the floss - it just doesn't work...

There are two techniques you can use, apply nail polish to the floss or apply to the nail and then use the floss to make your design, both techniques have a neat look.

Here is the manicure:

Step 1:
- Apply a base coat to protect the nails. Apply a base color, I chose a dark red.

Step 2:
- Either apply nail polish to the floss and then apply to the middle of nails or apply a strip of polish down the middle of the nail and then use the dental floss stick to make your design.

Step 3:
- Apply a fast drying top coat to seal in the design.

Pretty simple but very neat manicure!!

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Products Used:

Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat 955 • Revlon • $4.60

- OPI Classics Collection Nail Lacquer, Birthday Babe • OPI • $7.59–8

Julep Color Treat Nail Polish • $14 

Essie 'Good To Go!' Top Coat • Essie • $10.00

Nicole by OPI Nicole Drying Drops for Nail Lacquer • Ulta • $6.99