Not a Word about Love book review

About the Book
The story begins on a flight from Tel Aviv to Bangkok and you quickly learn that the main character, Maya, has reached a point in her life where she is struggling  with her marriage, her life and herself.
This book brings you into the heart of the story when Maya starts an affair the second she takes off to Thailand.
An exotic story of desire, longing and passion starts. Her affair is exciting and romantic as well as dirty and vividly described with a sexual adult language.
We read in flashbacks of loss of her mother seven years before, and we walk beside her like a friend on her  way to finding herself.
You are able to see her as the vulnerable yet destructive person that she is you will be curious to read how the story ends.
Something I loved about the book is Hana’s ability to write about in a way that you imagine how it is. I  could see the dirty streets she’s walking along, smell the food and feel the humid air.

It usually takes me awhile to get into a book but right from the beginning I could not put the book down which makes me even more thankful that I discovered Hana’s work via

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