Fishtail Ponytail

Finally a hair tutorial!!

I know I've been slacking... I am hoping to get a routine down so my tutorials are on a more frequent basis. 

This tutorial is not just a ponytail. 

I love the fishtail braid, it has such a unique look. It takes a little longer than a 3 strand braid but is super easy to do. 

Here are the steps:

- Separate hair into 2 sections
- take a small section from the outside of the section
- bring the small section to the centre of the opposite side (overlapping the hair)
- repeat with a small section on the other side
- continue overlapping the sections from on side to the other

To give the braid more volume, gently tug at the sides to loosen the braid for an effortless look.

I know my tutorials aren't exactly "ground-breaking" but I like to think I break it down into easy steps or I'll find and easier way to achieve the style. 

In the video I show how to make a fishtail braid and bring it into a ponytail.

This is a great style for straight, curly, or wavy hair. I used a triple barrel waver to give a nice Boho look.

Hope you enjoy the tutorial :)