Gurin Salon Professional Flat Iron

I haven’t had much luck finding a flat iron that I really liked which is why I’ve used the same one for about 10 years…

Recently, I tried the Gurin Salon ProfessionalFlat iron. It is made with tourmaline which is great because it helps straighten hair quicker, producing less heat damage, this creates smooth, silky finals when using a flat iron.

Tourmaline is an actual crystal that is ground up finely and then applied to cover the plates of a flat iron. This makes for an even smoother glide so that there is less friction with hair. This helps hair to receive less damage and needing less product.

When I first tried this flat iron, I started on my bangs – they have the most frizz, cowlicks and is most difficult to straighten. I was surprised at how within a few strokes my bangs were straight. 

I then decided to straighten the rest of my hair and couldn’t believe it didn’t take me almost an hour! It was closer to 20 minutes – to straighten my whole head!! Amazing!

This flat iron has a round design so I also used it to make some nice loose beachy curls. It can also be used to give the ends that great retro flip.

 I’ve been playing with this flat iron a lot!

Some great features it has are:
-          Heats up fast! (See tutorial, it took about a minute to heat up!)
-           Adjustable temperature from 240F to 450F
-          Swivel cord
-          Ergonomic design for easier hold
-          Comes in a sleek box for storage
-          Also a cloth bag for travel

I usually have to have an appliance on the highest heat in order to get the look I want but with the Gurin Flat Iron I use medium heat.

I have been struggling with finding appliances to style my hair for years. It always seemed to take forever to straighten or curl. I am so glad companies like Gurin are coming up with appliances for all hair types.

This picture shows the results.

I can’t say enough about this flat iron! It has salon quality for an excellent price!

To purchase the Gurin Salon Professional Flat Iron, Click HERE!

**This products was given to me free in lieu of an honest review. I will always be honest and continue to post reviews that suit my personal style.**