Choosing the right Scrub

When my skin is feeling a little dull, I love a good scrub to help it look vibrant and feel refreshed again.

I personally like to choose naturally exfoliating ingredients in all of my scrubby cleansers, by using natural ingredients I can scrub up without harming the environment and my skin feels so much better!

With such a wide variety of products to choose from, it’s handy to know what ingredients to look for.

A little bit rough

It’s not necessary to exfoliate every day, but when you do, you need a gritty scrub for that! For a truly invigorating face and body scrub, OceanSalt from Lush Cosmetics really can’t be beat. It is packed full of coarse sea salt to help slough away dead skin to leave it looking smooth and soft.

Another serious scrubber is PURELUXE APOTHECARY CITRUS BASIL BODY SCRUB –it’s an energizing, brightening and natural body scrub with pink grapefruit, rose and sweet basil essential oils. 

Grapeseed oil and a touch of sweet almond oil leave the skin lightly moisturized, soft, and smooth. (It's also great to use before shaving to exfoliate and hydrate.)

Looking for something to treat those tougher spots like feet? 

MISTRAL SOAP BLUE CHAMOMILE FOOT SCRUB exfoliates and renews with ingredients like organic chamomile, thyme, shea butter and jojoba oil. 

NU SKIN SOLE SOLUTION FOOT TREATMENT works on the underlying cause of rough, dry, and cracked feet, returning them to a soft, smooth, healthy looking condition.

Gentle Everyday

For everyday exfoliation, try using a scrub with nutrients which produce warming enzymes and moisture on contact with the skin.

REDFLOWER NATURE THERAPEUTIC SKINCARE BIOACTIVE EXFOLIANT removes dead skin cells and draws out toxins. It is a very gentle exfoliator that perfectly soothes the skin.

BORGHESEGENTLE EXFOLIATING SALT SCRUB is another favorite that’s gentle enough for everyday cleansing. The mixture of gentle exfoliation with natural oils leaves skin feeling smooth, soft and supple.

STIVES OATMEAL SCRUB + MASK uses natural moisturizers like glycerin to soften skin and smooth away dryness for a nourished, healthy feeling.

PACIFICAISLAND VANILLA BODY BUTTER is made with nature's best moisturizers - shea butter, almond oil and safflower oil , provides deep moisture and protection.

Lips need exfoliating too

They have exfoliating products for lips too! Bubblegum Lip Scrub uses castor sugar as the first ingredient that helps keep those kissers smooth and ready for anything.

The best part of using this particular lip scrub - You simply lick the Bubblegum flavor off when you’re done!