My new favorite ingredient!

I’m beginning to find my favorite ingredient for volumizing hair is actually course sea salt.

NOT YOUR MOTHER'S NOT YOUR MOTHER‘S BEACH BABE SHAMPOO is formulated with Dead Sea salt and vitamin packed sea kelp.

It will give tons of volume and sexy, tousled waves that last all day. Using your fingers, massage it into your hair and scalp.

The sea salt base not only adds volume, but it’s incredibly effective at deep-cleansing the hair and scalp for a squeaky-clean feeling. Fresh organic lemon infusion cleanses and adds shine to the hair.

Vitamin packed sea kelp and extra virgin coconut oil balance things out to leave hair soft and nourished, while still looking bouncy and bright.

JOHN FRIEDA BEACH BLONDE SMOOTH SEAS CONDITIONER is infused with Omega-rich kukui and energizing mint.

It is a lightweight detangler that calms and smoothes dry hair, leaving it shiny, easy-to-comb and style. 

It also nourishes hair, refreshes the scalp and restores shine for an effortless beach-worthy look which is perfect for blondes and brunettes! 

Don’t stop there! Sea salt (of course) is also one of the main ingredients in Sea Salt Texture Sprays.

Spritz some all over locks for hold, shine and a beach-beautiful bounce.

If you want a volumized, wavy look, spritz into wet hair, make a loose braid, let it dry, then let undo the braid.

Here are some great Sea Salt Texture Sprays:

Not only is sea salt volumizing and cleansing, it’s exfoliating and brightening too!

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