Summer Manicure

This is a great summer manicure, it uses bright summer colors. Bright colors are trending right now!

Here is what you need to get this super easy manicure:
-          BaseCoat
-          WhiteNail Polish
-          YellowNail Polish
-          GreenNail Polish
-          PinkNail Polish
-          BlueNail Polish
-          TopCoat
-          QuickDry Drops
-          Toothpick / Striping tool

Step 1:
-          Start by applying a BaseCoat to the nails, this will help prolong the polish and keep the nail from chipping.
-          Apply WhiteNail Polish to the nails. Let dry.

Step 2:
-          Using a toothpick or striping tool, apply each color to outline the nail.
-          To make a more cartoon look, apply a darker black polish between the white and summer polish color.

Step 3:
-          Apply a TopCoat to give the nails a great shine. Apply a few drops of QuickDry Drops to help the polish dry faster.

There you have it, a quick and easy manicure that makes the nails POP!!

Please share any nail design ideas with me!

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