Must-Have Makeup Brushes

There are probably more makeup brushes than you can count just lying around your bathroom. I usually end up sticking to the same two or three to put on foundation, eye shadow and blush.

We often spend lots of money on fancy makeup brush collections that end up collecting dust all because if you are like me you sometimes prefer to get things done with our hands or don’t know what that particular brush is for.

Here is a list of makeup brush Must Haves:

1.   Traditional foundation brush: A large-sized brush that is flat and firm.

Use a foundation brush with stippling or tapping motions to create a more even and natural-looking finish.

2. Powder/blush brush: A medium-sized brush that isn't too large and preferably designed for dual use.

Take the belly or flat side of this brush and apply your powder, bronzer or blush, and you can also use the tip to place product into the crease of the eye. Talk about triple-duty!

3. Small round brush: A dome-shaped brush that makes blending easy.

This type of brush is perfect to paint into the creases and to define the shape of your eyes. Be sure to start with very little shadow and build your way up to your desired finish.

4. An angled brush: A slanted-shaped brush that offers maximum control.

The fine tip works well with eyeliners and brow powders. The bristles must be firm enough to hold the product, yet fine enough to prevent heaviness and soft enough not to scratch your eye while applying gel liners etc.

5. A fluffy brush: A brush that can be used on the entire face, yet small enough to add softness to the eyelids.

For a subtle, Smokey eye, use a fluff brush like this one with a soft, rounded tip. It also works wonders for lifting excess product from the skin.

Caring for your brushes is very important, use an alcohol-free brush cleaner like ULTA PROFESSIONAL BRUSH & SPONGECLEANER, it instantly removes product build-up within minutes. But you can also use a gentle bar soap and water.  Try not to get the barrel part of your makeup brushes wet, as this will loosen the adhesive and cause the fibers to fall out.

Even though you clean your makeup brushes, some are made with animal hair and may still be left with a bit of pet dander, and most people are allergic or have sensitive reactions to it. So understand what types of fibers you're using -- whether synthetic, pony ortaklon -- because even the most expensive and well-treated makeup brush can still feel itchy if you have a bad reaction.

Hope this gives a better understanding of what

makeup brushes to use

and how to use them!

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