Nutty for coconuts!

Coconuts have been an important source of nutrition, an ingredient in skincare and a building material for hundreds of years in areas across the world. In some languages it means ‘tree that gives all that is necessary for living’ - certainly lives up to its name.

Coconuts grow on palm trees that flourish in humid, seaside environments, so it’s no surprise that their aroma is synonymous with tropical beach destinations. It is used in our skin and hair care products because it’s highly nutritious, moisturizing and a bonus is that its recognizable aroma takes us straight to the tropics without having to leave home.

For the hair
Coconut does wonders for our hair - moisturizing and protecting to adding a beautiful, beachy fragrance.

Coconutoil increases strength and the shine of hair by adding a protective coating to each strand, making it look full of life.  

MARCANTHONY TRUE PROFESSIONAL HYDRATING COCONUT OIL & SHEA BUTTER OIL TREATMENT helps repair damage, split ends and leaves hair healthy, hydrated and frizz free and is Color safe.
Desiccated coconut (the dried flesh of the coconut seed) helps remove excess natural oils in the hair to make it perfectly balanced and bouncy.

RENPURECOCONUT MILK NOURISHING SHAMPOO  uses Coconut milk to penetrate the cuticle, providing moisture & nutrients to the hair.

Pamper yourself with PHILOSOPHYCOCONUT FROSTING SHAMPOO/SHOWER GEL/BUBBLE BATH, the moisturizing formula gently cleanses and conditions.

For the skin
Coconutoil is solid at room temperature, but melts easily on the skin, providing soothing, protective moisture.

The Body Shop’s CoconutBody Butter easily absorbs into skin helping to condition, soften, and smooth while preventing dryness.

OceanSalt Face and Body Scrub uses scrubby sea salt and soothing coconut oil to create a polished, moisturized glow to your skin.

For the body

BEDELECTABLE FROM CAKE BEAUTY COCONUT & CREAM BODY LOTION Includes coconut oil, Shea butter and aloe Vera to keep skin rich and moist.

RMSBEAUTY RAW COCONUT CREAM nourishes the skin, hair and eyelashes.

Young, unripe coconuts contain nutritious water, which supports the growth of the seed inside. The water is often used as a natural sports drink because of its electrolyte content. Drinking coconut water can increase your body’s ability to stay hydrated, and is especially beneficial when it’s hot out or when you’re getting your sweat on. 

From coconut water to the flesh to the popular coconut oil, coconuts provide many benefits to your hair, skin and body. 

Try some Coconut based products and see some of the benefits for yourself!

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