This kit includes everything you need to get your ordinary smile into an Ultimate Smile. The Whitening Gel is a "primer for teeth” that accelerates the release of stain-fighting oxygen ions, while eliminating discomfort.

The thermal-form trays are designed to conform to your unique dental structure. 

Start by boiling the tray for about  a minute, then let them sit for a minute before putting  it in your mouth, bite down normal and it will make your impression of your teeth and then you will know where to put the Whitening gel.

I never got the trays to mold properly so they were uncomfortable for me.

This was the first whitening system I have tried besides white strips – which didn’t really work for me.

I found the instructions to be a little vague for a first timer; I had to look up (Google) how to use the thermal-form trays.

Because I was new to this kind of product and I wanted to get used to the trays, I decide to start with 5 minutes a day, after about 4 - 5 increments I used it for 10 minutes at a time. 

I have stained teeth from smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee every day, to me they were pretty bad and I used this product twice and I saw a difference.

 I will keep using this a few more weeks and see if I can achieve the color I want!

Here is the link to purchase on Amazon.com!

*This product was free in lieu of an honest review. I will always be honest and continue to post items that reflect my personal style*
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