Beauty Hacks

From hair to makeup, there’s always going to be shortcuts that will help save time and get that perfect look, without spending hours or a fortune.

 I have a list of beauty hacks that are easy, inexpensive and very effective.
Use one or use them all to get the look that you want in just a few minutes each day.

Beauty is not something that comes natural to every woman (especially me!).
Some women like me, have to spend time priming and polishing in order to get the perfect look.  

Every woman is beautiful in her own right, it is no secret that there are some that look like they spend much more time with their beauty routine than others.

However, this does not mean that every beautiful woman in the world needs spend hours getting ready every morning. 

There are hacks or short cuts that you can use to help you to look like you spend hours in the bathroom, while you may only have to spend a few minutes.

Keep Lipstick off Teeth

Lipstick on the teeth has plagued women for centuries. 

Nobody likes to smile and only to find out that they have red all along their pearly whites. 

A great way to avoid this is to simply wipe your lips from the inside out.
After you finish applying your lipstick, just stick your finger in your mouth and pull it out. 

Remember making those “popping” noises when you were a kid? This is the same thing. 

Your finger will wipe away the excess lipstick and leave your teeth shiny white.


Set Lipstick to Last

Lipstick tends to rub off, smudge and otherwise not look as great at the end of the day as it did when you first applied it. 

You can remedy this problem with a bit of translucent powder. 

After you have applied your chosen lip color, lightly dust just a bit of translucent powder over the lips.

This helps to set the lipstick so that it lasts longer.

White Eye Shadow Makes Eyes Stand Out

White eye shadow is a great choice if you really want your eyes to stand out.

Apply white eye shadow to your lid and then add the colors that you want. 

White will also keep the other colors from rubbing off before the end of the day.

You can even add a small amount of white to the top of the lid by the brow bone to really make your eyes pop.

Brighten Eyes from the Inside 

Using a light, shimmery eye shadow on the inside corners of your eyes will brighten your eyes.

The lighter color helps to alleviate darkness that is normally present on top of the nose area.

 Brush a very lightly colored shimmery shadow into the area whenever you apply your eye shadow.

Mascara as Eye Liner

If you just realized have run out of eye liner, you can use your mascara instead.

 Rub an eye liner brush over the mascara brush and then line your eyes.

Get Longer, Fuller Lashes with Baby Powder

You don’t have to wear false lashes to get that long, full look. 

You can achieve the same look by dipping a cotton swab into baby powder and running it across your lashes after you have applied a coat of mascara.

Nail Art – With a Band-Aid

For quick nail art, just grab the Band-Aids.

Paint your nails the base color that you want. 

Once the nails are dry, place the sticky part of the Band-Aid over your nails and color in with any other color that you want. 

You will get a great polka-dot look that is easy and takes very little time to create.

Great Gradient Manicure

Gradient manicures are trending and they are so easy to do. 

Instead of spending hours applying each coat of color, just apply them all at once. You will need a makeup sponge and the colors that you plan to use. 

Apply top coat to the sponge, this helps to stop the sponge from completely absorbing all of the polish before it gets to your nails. 

Paint the gradient that you want on the makeup sponge and then press it to your nail. Instant manicure!

Glue for Manicures
Use plain old school glue to prevent getting polish on the skin on the sides of your nails. 

You can rub it off if you do accidentally get it on your nails. 

Apply the glue, let dry and then just peel it away once you’ve painted your nails!   

It is great for grabbing those corners and edges, leaving you with the perfect manicure.

Treat Bruises with Mouthwash

Mouthwash will help the bruise to clear up much faster and instantly makes it look better. 

Remember this the next time you walk into that table that you keep forgetting you have.

 Just dab some mouthwash on the area with a cotton swab and it will look and feel much better.

Getting Rid of Split Ends

Split ends are the worst.  Almost everyone has them.

To get rid of them, you don’t necessarily have to visit your stylist. 

Twist several strands together and then snip away the hairs that you see sticking out. 

Your hair will be much smoother and shinier.

 Hope you enjoyed these Beauty Hacks :)

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