Great Holiday Hairstyles

Here are some great tutorials on easy hairstyles that are perfect for the holidays.

Hot Roller Curls 
If you prefer to wear your hair down with voluminous curls, my “How to use Hot Rollers” video is great.

Hot rollers are perfect because they do all of the work. 

By letting the rollers cool, you will have curls that last all night long. 

It also gives you time to do makeup, cleaning or spend time with your little ones before getting ready.

Check out the video here:

Messy French Twist 
If you would like to have your hair up but in a casual yet dressy way the “Messy French Twist” is for you.

This style is great for all hair lengths and types. It only takes a few minutes (and bobby pins) to do.

Add a few holiday accessories and you are ready!

Here is the Messy French Twist video:

Fancy Bun
The “Fancy Bun” is always elegant. 
It looks great at any get together.

In this video my hair is medium length; I never thought I would be able to do such an elegant looking bun with shorter hair.

If you like a less polished look, you can definitely mess up the bun a little bit.

Here is the Fancy Bun tutorial:

Hope you try these style!
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Happy Holidays!

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