Curly Hair Tips

Curly hair, depending on the day, can be your best asset or your biggest nightmare.
Thin or thick, curly hair can be sensitive to environmental and styling factors, and its naturally dry texture means it needs a little extra loving care each day.

So what's the key to bouncy, frizz-free curls seven days a week?

Here are some great curly hair products, hair styling tips and coloring techniques for your best curls ever.

No more Shampoo
Shampoo can be harsh and dehydrating to curly hair. Instead, choose a Cleansing Conditioner – Brands like WEN and Renpure Solutions take the place of your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner.

Cleansing Conditioners cleanse the scalp and remove dirt particles and build-up leaving you with bouncier, healthier curls.

Never Brush
Never brush your hair because curly hair has bends in it, making it more susceptible to breakage with every twist and turn.

Instead, detangle your hair in the shower by using your finger to gently comb through the hair.

This forces you to isolate the tangles so that you can gently loosen them without brushing through them.

You can also use a wide-tooth comb in the shower while your hair still has the Cleansing Conditioner in it.

Don’t Touch Hair
Touching your hair while it's drying breaks up your curl pattern, adding frizz and an unmanageable waves.

The secret to styling your curls without creating frizz really depends on your curl type:

- Super curly hair should be prepared with a styling product when wet, and then left alone.

- Wavy hair, doesn’t frizz as much and needs extra volume and definition.

To give your waves more lift as they dry, use a curl cream and scrunch up your hair vigorously while it's damp.
Then, avoid touching your hair until it's at least 75 percent dry.
This will give you frizz-free volume all day.

For any type of curl pattern that falls flat while drying:

- Section off the top portion of your hair just around the crown.

- Pull it back and clip it loosely with a jaw clip during the drying process.

- This will help give hair more volume once dry.

Avoid Silicones
Just as a few key ingredients can enhance your curls, there are also ones that can damage strands in the long term..

Silicones are found in shampoos, conditioners and leave-on products like serums.

Silicones coat the outer layer of the hair, creating the illusion of shine, causing a moisture barrier, that won't allow hydration inside the center of the hair.

This can damage the health of your hair long-term.

Stay away from Ingredient words ending in "-cone," "-conol," or "-siloxane."

Instead, look or moisturizing curl creams with coconut and Shea Oils.

Use a Diffuser
Your best curly-hair moments will come when you let your hair dry on its own.
But we usually don’t have the time to let it air dry.

A diffuser attachment for your blow-dryer will make all the difference in how your hair looks.

A standard blow-dryer damages strands because it creates wind around the hair.

This can lead to frizzy, tangled curls.

A diffuser disperses the air and focuses it around the curls.

The unique shape of the attachment cups hair as they dry, keeping your curl pattern intact.

Gently lift small sections of your curls, cupping them with a diffuser.

Disturbing the curls as little as possible will give your hair maximum definition without frizz.

Silk Pillowcases
Every woman with curly hair has gone to bed with beautiful curls and wake up with a true disaster on her head.

Cotton pillowcases can stick to your hair, every time you toss or turn in your sleep, you're tangling your hair, risking breakage and frizz.

The key to avoiding this fiasco is using a silk or satin pillowcase while you sleep.

The slippery fabric won't disturb your hair, and you'll wake up looking just as amazing as you did yesterday.

Do you have any tips for curly hair?

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