Best ways to get Gorgeous in little time

Who wants to spend an hour getting ready each morning?  Between jobs, kids, pets, workout routines, Facebook updates and significant others, there's never enough time to fit everything in.

I’m sharing tips for saving time on your hair and makeup routine - now you won't have to sacrifice looking great for that overwhelming to-do list.

Skip the Shampoo
To save time on styling your hair - don't wash it. The truth is you really don’t need to wash your hair every day. Spritz roots with dry shampoo (try HerbalEssences Instant Clean Dry Shampoo, $6). Part and spritz until your whole root area is coated and then massage the dry shampoo through the scalp and down the strands of hair for even distribution.

Don't Skip Blush
If you have time to apply only one makeup item, choose blush. It instantly brings color to the complexion and a makes you look alive.

Multi-Use Products
Save a step by using foundation that contains sunscreen or other skin-benefiting ingredients, GarnierBB Cream gives the coverage of a light foundation for instant perfection. It reduces wrinkles, firms skin and evens tone, hydrates and has SPF 15.

Spend Time Wisely
Think about the things that concern you most -- do you have lashes that look non-existent without mascara? Or have brows that make you look unpolished? When you're tight on time, pick one issue to address and spend time on that.

Wear a Two-for-One Style
When your hair is freshly washed and damp, twist it into a bun and secure with a couple of GoodySpin Pins. Wear this style for a few hours or all day and then let out the bun for a gorgeous wavy style (great for a night out or for the next day). The key to making sure your waves look uniform is to twist your hair really well before securing it into the bun.

Keep a Palette Handy
Instead of using a variety of separate products when you're in a rush, have a go-to palette that contains eye, lip and cheek products (try MACHalcyon Nights   or Maybelline all-in-one makeup Palette). It takes the time out of finding each product, great when you are in a hurry!

Use Hot Rollers
Hot rollers are amazing; they make you look like you spent hours on your hair in minutes. Because you’ve let the rollers cool, you will have curls that last all day long. 

It also gives you time to do items on that to-do list.
Apply mousse or styling spray like BigSexy Hair Root Pump Volumizing Spray Mousse or Herbal Essences All Whipped up Mousse for long-lasting hold.

Check out the video here:

Easy-to-Apply Makeup
Go for a simple glowing look. First dust bronzer on cheeks for an instant pick me up. Focus a bit more of the color on your cheeks and eyes for extra definition.
Then apply lip gloss which is forgiving and can be applied without looking.

Hope you found this helpful :)

Jennifer Linklater
"Beauty is more beautiful when it is on the inside"