Demeter’s Foolproof Blending Library

Demeter is a company that has created over 300 perfumes—primarily single-note fragrances—that are inspired by everyday objects and experiences.

Some of their most popular scents are Sandalwood, Bulgarian Rose, and Orange Blossom. 

But Demeter is anything but traditional, having created unique fragrances like Chipotle Pepper, Holy Water, Fuzzy Navel and Dirt.

Because the majority of Demeter Fragrances are single-note scents, they’re perfect for blending together to create your own custom scent.

I know that getting started in the art of scents can be intimidating - that’s where Demeter’s Foolproof Blending Library comes in.

 When the Canadian Beauty Bloggers network reached out to me, I jumped at the chance to try mixing my own fragrances. 

My custom perfume duo came with: Jasmine and Lavender (along with 4 eyedroppers, several testing strips, a funnel and an empty bottle to store your uniquely created scent in.).

My custom perfume trio came with: Gingerbread, Angel Food and Hawaiian Vanilla.

I started by spraying each of them, separately onto my wrist and arm. And although you could smell me from a mile away, I think even on their own, the scents are pretty amazing!

I couldn’t resist spraying my two favorite scents together, Jasmine and Hawaiian Vanilla, on the top wrist area – so nice!

I was having fragrance overload on myself so I had to continue with my mixing the next day.

The fragrance lasts a long time; I could still smell it on my arm the next day!

I found a small plastic jewelry case and decided to mix the scents in that and then add a few drops to my skin.

I certainly had fun mixing different scents and seeing what they smelled like on my skin! It was also great when I would receive compliments on my perfume.  

After mixing several mixing trials, I decided one of my first mixed scents was my favorite- I like sweet smelling fragrances with a hint of exotic florals, so I chose Jasmine, Angel Food and Hawaiian Vanilla.

I added one part Jasmine, 2 parts each of Angel Food and Vanilla.

It smells amazing - the sweet smell of baking and the warmth of Jasmine. 

You all know by now, I love when something makes you feel beautiful in yourself and when I smell nice, I feel better about myself.

If you are a Scent-a-holic or are new to trying fragrances Demeter is perfect for everyone, with the Foolproof Blending Library, you can go wrong!

If you would like more information on Demeter Fragrances Foolproof Blending Library, please visit their Facebook Page at DemeterFragranceLibrary

Now the next question is what should I call my scent??

Any suggestions?

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