Easy Messy French Twist for Short hair

I sometimes get tired of my hair and I  need a change.

A couple of months ago I cut about 6 – 7 inches off of my hair.

It was quite a change.

I also had to find ways to style my new hair length.

It kind of defeats the purpose – wearing hair up when you have short hair – but when I push that snooze button on my phone too many times, I need a quick style in the morning.

This style literally takes under 5 minutes!

Here is the video tutorial:

I love styles using the topsy tail technique, it is so easy!

Using a hair elastic and a few boy pins and you are done!

This can be used with long hair as well but I think it works best with shorter layered hair.

Hope you try this style!
I would love to see the pics! Please share them with me by using #BU10hair!!

Jennifer Linklater
"Beauty is more beautiful when it is on the inside"