How to use a Hair Diffuser

I have curly/ wavy hair. Although I like to straighten my hair it is nice to wear it in its natural form sometimes.

One of my favorite tools to use to help control frizz, maintain shine and hold the curls is a hairdiffuser.

If you have never used a hair diffuser it may be quite confusing.

The attachment can be purchased on its own – most attach to any blow dryer, or with a blow dryer.

Below is a video showing how I use my diffuser. 

Here are my tips for using a diffuser:

-         Hair should be towel dried. Apply a small amount of mousse or gel

-     Keep the heat on hair for 10 – 15 seconds, too much heat will cause damage and frizz

-         Start at the roots, gently lifting the hair with diffuser, giving volume to the root area, continue to dry in sections

-         Move down to the ends of the hair, allowing the hair to fall into the diffuser

-         Continue to dry the whole head in sections until hair is about 85 - 90 percent dry

-         Apply a small amount of mousse or gel to the hair, gently scrunching

-         Allow the hair to air dry

-         Do NOT touch the hair when it is air drying, fingers = frizz

Hope these tips were helpful and you have frizz free curls!

For more tips, check out my CurlyHair Tips post!

Jennifer Linklater
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