Pretty Good Monthly Review

Pretty Good Monthly is a small family run business that offers handmade soaps, bath and body products as well as eco-friendly home goods like laundry soap.

The soaps come in scents like Chocolate Strawberry, Mocha Scrub, Sparkling Pear and Sparkling Berry.

They also have really unique items like men’s soaps which feature more masculine scents and for a more relaxing and aromatic experience, they offer Bath and Shower Tabs. These tabs don’t use oils or butters so you won’t end up slipping in the shower - super unique!

Their signature formula includes olive and coconut oils along with cocoa butter.

I received Berry Merlot and even through the packaging I could smell the sweet berry scent.

I was expecting a typical sized bar of soap but it was huge! Almost as big as my hand!

Usually when using soap I have that dry, squeaky clean feeling but not with this soap, it lathered up nicely and my skin felt soft and smooth.

One of the ingredients in my soap was coffee butter which can help tone and tighten the skin which is why it felts so nice to wash my face using this soap.

The scent was amazing, I just loved it! My bathroom never smelled so great!

Overall I really liked this product!

And I love that they mostly use natural ingredients (as few chemicals as possible) and also use recycled materials when packaging products, some products may even be in a re-usable or recyclable plastic container.

Most times products using natural ingredients are expensive but Pretty Good Monthly offers individual soap for $2.50 - $7.00.

They also have one, three or six month subscription boxes for only $7.25 – $43.50, including a Men’s subscription box for $7.25 a month.

To find more info on Pretty Good Monthly, visit their website HERE!

They have the BEST “About Us” Story, check it out HERE!!