Hairbrush Straightener Tutorial

When I first saw the Hairbrush Straightener, I wanted one.

What could be easier than brushing your hair and straightening it at the same time?!

When I looked at purchasing one, they were all around $150, too much for me to spend…

Then I saw one on My MakeupBrush Set and it was on sale for $39.00, I had to buy it!

I like the straightener; it’s not as easy as just brushing your hair but it still is easy.

You do need to work in sections especially if you have thick hair like I do and definitely brush your hair before using this straightener.

It heats up fairly quickly; in the video it decided to take longer(performance issues lol)…

I found with other straighteners (Flat irons etc) my hair would start to get wavy throughout the day, with this straightener, it stayed straight until the next day.

In the morning I would have to straighten a few places like my bangs or cowlicks, and that was it!

In this video tutorial I had a bit of trouble with the back of my head but I usually do, don’t take that into your decision making, the back of my hair has always been difficult…

Unlike a flat iron you can’t throw in a few curls or waves here and there (at least I haven’t figured a way to).  It’s great if you want straight hair.

If you don’t brush your hair ahead of time, the red part on the bristles fall off and the straightener bristles get super-hot.

Overall I really like this hairbrush straightener! It not only makes hair straight but is soft and frizz free. It is great for changing up my style to straight hair once or twice a week.

If you would like to purchase this straightener, click HERE!