Minimizing Pores

We all have pores. Whether those pores are very large (like mine) or invisible dots depends on many factors that range from genetics to age.

I have always had large pores, no matter what age, and I’m still asking the same question: How do you minimize pores?

As we age our skin's natural exfoliation process slows down, pores look larger and skin starts to sag -- and that includes the walls of each pore.

The same ingredients that help with exfoliation and elastin production can also strengthen and tighten pores, so they look smaller.

They'll still be there, but you won't have enlarged pores.

Once you've minimized your pores as much as possible, you can make them look even smaller by keeping them completely clear of dead skin cells and dirt.

You can also use a primer or mattifier to blur the outline of each pore. Eventually, even cave-like pores will start to resemble tiny dots.

First we need to clean out the pores.

Charcoal is a great ingredient because it gets deep into the pores. It also absorbs excess oil which helps to clear up blemishes.

There are many products containing charcoal and at a decent price.

Biore®Charcoal Pore Minimizer draws out deep-down impurities and removes dirt and oil. It is a gentle exfoliant that promotes smooth skin.

FreemanDual Action Purifying Mask uses Charcoal & Black Sugar to detox skin by acting as a mask and a gently exfoliator, dulling skin cells for softness and clarity.

Even Forever 21 has nose pore strips that contain charcoal and witch hazel to clarify and clean blocked pores, and remove blackheads!

If Charcoal isn’t an ingredient you prefer,

BeyondBelief ABH Facial Foaming Cleanser uses fruit botanicals to remove the buildup of dirt and make-up.

FreemanFeeling Beautiful Clay Mask has mint and lemon to cool and refresh the skin. Clay masks are great for minimizing shine and the appearance of large pores.  

We’ve cleansed and masked the skin, now we need a good moisturizer. A light moisturizer will keep skin hydrated and prevent skin from becoming dry.

BeyondBelief Facial Serum uses a combination of Green Tea and multiple Fruit Botanicals. It helps balance oily skin, refines the appearance of pores and tones skin’s texture.

Studio35 Beauty Facial Moisturizer has a non-greasy, light, fast-absorbing formula. It works to help nourish and hydrate your skin and has SPF 15 to protect skin from harmful rays of the sun.

Hope some of these tips will help to minimize your pores, they have worked well for me J