Safe T Pet Personalized Collars Review

Safe T Pet began in 1996 and specializes in personalized pet products.
They started in a small office in their home.

They have received many wonderful reunion stories in which happy endings are accredited to their products.

I was thrilled when I partnered with to review a personalized cat collar.

The cat collars are 1/2" wide and have a "Break Away" clip and fit necks 8" to 12".

You are able to choose between a “breakaway” or “Non-breakaway” clip.

“Breakaway” Clips release when it becomes entangled, reducing the likelihood of choking.

Included in the price of the collar is an embroidered Pet Name and contact phone number (25 Characters) in case your furr-baby gets lost.

The collars come in so many colors: Black, Light Turquoise Blue, Chocolate, Hot Pink, Neon Green, Purple, Red and Bright Orange.

I chose Red for Scamp.

The last few collars I have tried on Scamp, he has tried to bite them off almost immediately. When I put on the Safe T Pet collar, he didn’t fuss or try to bite it off, he loves the collar!

He is super cute walking around all proud. He won’t want to be without it on his neck.

I will say the fastener took a bit for me to connect together, I found I had to slide it in one side, then the other side and it connects together. 

I don’t know why but it took me a few minutes to figure this out… also has other pet care supplies and personalized products like luggage straps, Pet tags, leashes, harnesses and more!

Keep your precious pets safe and stylish with Safe T Pet Personalized Collars!

To see more products for pets, visit their website HERE!