TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Hair Care Collection Review

TRESemmé, the international hair products company, has released a “Reverse” haircare system that consists of conditioning the hair before shampooing.

Instead of the usual shampoo-conditioner-styling product process, this line uses something called the Reserve Wash system, which starts off with the Pre-wash Conditioner. That's then followed by the shampoo and then the process is finished off with the styling product.

I would have been apprehensive about using the conditioner first but since I have used cleansing conditioners like WEN, I wasn’t surprised and wondered why I didn’t think of it before, lol

Beauty-Full Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner

I wash my hair every other day (my skin and scalp dry out if I wash every day).  As with other shampoo/ conditioners I have reviewed, I wanted my hair to be really dirty (2 days old with more products than usual) to see if this system really works.

The instructions say to apply 2–3 pumps (for medium length hair) to wet hair, distribute evenly, leave it for one minute, then rinse thoroughly.

My hair was dirtier than usual so I needed a few extra pumps.

I worked the conditioner in my hair from roots to tips.

Left it in for about a minute and thoroughly rinsed my hair.

There was a slight scent and I was impressed how easily this product rinsed out.

I also liked that it was packaged in a pump bottle.

Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo

After squeezing out all water from the hair, apply Volume shampoo to the hair, from root to tips.

I found the shampoo lathered up really nice and a little product goes a long way.

Once again there was a slight scent – nothing overpowering.

It also rinsed out quite easily.

It would have been nice to have this in a pump style bottle as well but I guess it prevents you from blindly grabbing the wrong bottle and accidentally using the conditioner a second time.

Beauty-Full Volume Hair Maximizer

Once hair has towel dried, apply the Volume Maximizer.

Squeeze a quarter sized amount (for medium length hair) from the center of the tube.

Again, apply from root to tip.

This product has a creamy texture that absorbed quickly and easily into my hair and it is does not make the hair sticky or stiff.

I immediately noticed my hair had more bounce and shine.

After using the system a few more times I noticed my hair felt soft, shiny, had more root volume and the curls were behaving and not frizzy.

I liked this system and am so glad the bottles are huge so I can continue to use it!

In these photos, I have no product in my hair except TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume.

If you would like more info on TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume, Click HERE!