Battle of the Scrubs – Sugar VS Salt

Smooth, soft and glowing skin – we all want it.

Skin really can’t glow if it’s covered in built-up of dead skin cells or dry and rough from dehydration.
That’s why you need regular exfoliation, but not all exfolliants are equal.

Salt and Sugar naturally dissolve during use.

During your treatment they’ll gradually morph from a scrub into a polish, perfecting your skin.

Sugar Scrubs

Sugar granules are rounder than Salt granules, and that makes them less abrasive - perfect for the face and any areas of sensitive skin.

Sugar also dissolves quickly in water, which is an advantage for those seeking a milder scrub.

Unrefined cane sugar also contains the nutrients calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium, which feeds and replenishes your skin.

The unrefined version is naturally scratchier than table sugar, so it should only be used on your body – a little too abrasive for the face.

If you have any skin abrasions, sugar is definitely what you want – salt will sting.

Salt Scrubs

The sharp angles of sea salt granules make them a strong exfolliant (table salt doesn’t have the sharp angles – the refining process removes its beneficial properties).

Because it’s more abrasive, it is great for scrubbing dryer areas of your body – feet, elbows, knuckles and legs.

Sea salt also draws toxins out of the body and acts as an anti-inflammatory for sore muscles.

Epsom salts, though not actually salt (they’re magnesium sulfate), are well known for their detoxification powers and work best in a bath.

If using a salt scrub, use once per week.

The sugar scrub can be used two or even three times per week.

The Verdict
Whether you choose a salt or sugar scrub, when used regularly, the skin will become much healthier in function and appearance—better circulation and with a more even skin tone.

Once dead skin cells are removed, the largest organ of the body more effectively removes toxins and absorbs nutrition.

Both are pure products, there are few, if any side effects.

Sugar scrubs and sea salt scrubs have had benefits known for a long time, and both contain natural exfolliators.

Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Depending on what you are wanting for your skin (more abrasive, less abrasive) the correct selection will give skin the great benefits you want.