Facial Moisturizers with SPF

If you are like me and burn easily in the summer heat, it’s a good idea to have facial moisturizer with a Sunscreen to protect areas like the nose and forehead. 

I like products that protect but don’t clog my pores.

Here is a list of some great facial moisturizers:

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Daily Facial Lotion 


                - has SPF 15
                - non-greasy formula
                - uses cocoa and shea butter, vitamin E and emollient milk              proteins


                - contains SPF 15
                - Oil, fragrance and alcohol free
                - Won't clog pores

                - SPF 30
                - Lightweight formula
                - absorbs quickly


                - SPF 15
                -  Lightweight but deeply nourishing
                - Contains ingredients like Vitamin E, Green Tea and Aloe

                - SPF 30
                 - Water-based - skin remains hydrated

                - SPF 35
                - Oil-Free
                - Lightweight, non-greasy


                - SPF 15
                - contains a mix of carrots and shea butter and zinc oxide

                - nourishing, fragrance-free formula