Must-have essentials for Summer

With the end of May fast approaching and the amazingly nice weather outside, we all can’t wait to kick back and relax in the summer sun.

From lounging by the pool to spending time at the cottage, we all deserve some fun in the sun!

Here is a list of Must-have essentials for summer:

- SPF 30
- Lightweight & Breathable
-  Avoids Clogging Pores
- Leaves Skin Soft & Smooth

- SPF 30
- designed to reduce waste and mess
- Durable formula
- made for High performance activities
- Water resistant

- Does it say they block 100% of UVA and UVB rays? If not, don’t buy them. You need to protect your eyes!
- Sunglasses that wrap around your eyes can help block stray UV light, sand and allergens

- Look for these natural materials: straw, raffia, cotton, hemp
 - Look for Synthetic Materials: nylon, polyester fabric
- White will reflect the heat from the sun while darker colors underneath will absorb
- Lighter colors are harder to keep clean, so a good choice would be khaki or beige, or an "off white color"

- Choose UPF 30+ sun protection
-  Quick dry polyester lining
- Nylon/spandex

- Zippered top closure
- Comfortable carrying handles
- Keeps food cooler and fresher throughout the day

To make sure products are right for you, always read and follow the label