Side Bun - Great for Shorter hair

Even though I recently cut my hair shorter, I still like to wear it up. Especially in hot weather, it's nice to get the hair off my neck. 

It has been amazingly hot here in Edmonton, AB for April and May, record breaking temperatures close to 30 degrees Celsius! 

I definitely needed to have my hair up on the hot days. 

This style , of course, can be done on longer hair but I wanted to show that even shorter hair can be versatile. 

Here is the video tutorial:

You can also make this your own style. 

Instead of braiding to the side, you can twist or just bring the hair over to one side. 

I personally like how the lower braid turns out a bit messy. 

I have thick layered hair and the spin pins kept my  hair in place for the whole day. 

I hope you try this style and love it!

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