Watermelon Nails

I don’t usually like watermelon, I usually only have a slice once a year...I know I’m probably the only person in the world who doesn't like watermelon…

But I love these watermelon nails!

This design is adorable and easy to do!

It looks like it would be difficult but in a few easy steps you have a Watermelon French tip on your nails.

I used a nailart brush but you can use a toothpick to get the same effect.

I purchased my Nail art brush at my local art supply store for a couple of dollars.

Here’s what you need:
-         BaseCoat
-         White Nail Polish
-         RedNail Polish
-         DarkGreen Nail Polish
-         LightGreen Nail Polish
-         Black Nail polish
-         Top Coat
-         NailArt Brush
-         Or a toothpick

 - Apply a base coat to help protect the nails.

- Apply Red Nail Polish to the nails.

- Apply White nail polish to the tips of the nails – like an exaggerated French tip. I found using white polish helped the green show up more against the red background.

- Apply the Dark Green nail polish to the tip of the nail, leaving some white showing.

- Using a toothpick or nail art brush, apply vertical stripes down the tip of the nail (only the green part). I made 3 to 4 stripes on my nails.

- Using a toothpick or nail art brush, apply short black lines for the seeds. I don't like seeds so I applied 3 lines per nail. 

- Apply a fast drying top coat to give your mani a beautiful shine.

This design is perfect for summer!!

Hope you found this to be fun and easy!

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