Beachy Waves using a Flat Iron

Beachy waves are the perfect summer look  because they are controlled yet messy.

Work with your own natural texture or use texture spray to create this carefree look.

In this video I give some of my tips for using a flat iron to get beachy waves.

I found this technique works best with shorter hair.

The key is to twist the flat iron  the iron 180 degrees - if fingers are in the front, twist and the thumb should be in front ( see video). The trick is in the wrist movement rather than continuously rotating the flat iron.

Use day old hair or dry shampoo to give the hair some grit, this helps the iron grab the hair and the hair won't just slide through the iron.

Spray a fair amount of texture spray and run fingers through hair in a scrunching motion for a disheveled yet flawless result.

What are your tips for getting those beachy waves?