Canada Day Nails

This is a great way to show some Canadian Pride for Canada’s upcoming Birthday!

It requires no tools and the best part is the maple leafs are nail decals I purchased at the Dollar store.
It takes hardly any time to do.

If you can’t find maple leaf nail decals, you can use hearts instead like I did with this Canada Day nail design.

 Here is what you need:

- Base coat
- White Polish
- Red polish
- Top coat

- Start by applying a Base coat to the nails, this helps to protect the nails from staining and will give you a long lasting mani.

- Apply Red polish to the nails. Let dry completely.

- Using the thin part of the brush apply 2 lines of White Polish to the centre of the nail. You may have to use a couple of coats for the best opacity. Let dry for a few minutes.

- Using tweezers apply the nail decal to the centre of the nail. Make sure to press down gently to ensure the decal is secure.

- Apply a fast drying Top coat.

Please share your nail designs with me on Instagram and use #BU10nails

Happy Canada Day!!