DIY cleaning recipes for your hair tools (Guest Post)

Brushes get filled with hairs, oils, dander, dead skin cells and even dust mites which clog them and make them inefficient. Regular cleaning of your hair brushes should be done at least once a week to protect your hair and skin from infections. This will reduce the spreading of contaminants on your skin and hair. Here you will learn two effective cleaning recipes and methods for keeping your wooden, plastic and metal hair brushes in good condition.

You can use the following methods and cleaning solutions to clean metal, plastic and wooden brushes with natural or nylon bristles.

For cleaning metal and plastic paddles, round brushes and combs you need:

  • A pen or a sharp edge of a hair comb
  • A pair of scissors
  • A rubbish bag
  • A cleaning toothbrush
  • A teaspoon of baking soda
  • A teaspoon of vegetable soap or shampoo

1. The first step is using the sharp edge of a pen or a thin hair comb to loosen and remove the hairs and dust. Work your way through the brush removing as much hair as you can with the tiny tool. You can use the teeth of a thin comb to lift more hairs, but be careful not to remove the tiny plastic balls at the top of the bristles.

2. After loosening and removing part of the hairs and dust, take the scissors and cut through the centre of the brush. This will make removing of the hair balls a lot easier. The clumps of hair should be taken out with less efforts. Throw them away in the rubbish bag.

If you have a round brush cut through the hairs at the centre on one side and turn the brush in 180 degrees and cut through the hairs at the centre on the other side. Tenancy Cleaning Chelsea recommends to start lifting the hairs out of the brush as much as you can.

3. The next step is washing the hair brushes. It is not recommended to soak them as they are not designed for this. Make a disinfecting solution of a cup of water, a teaspoon of shampoo and a teaspoon of baking soda. Mix the ingredients well to create the solution and apply it onto the bristles and the pad or base of the brush. Wash and spread well on the outer edges, each bristle and the handle of the brush. Start at the bottom of the tool and brush well in an upward direction. You can take out the hairs that have been left in the brush with a toothbrush.

4. The last step is rinsing your brushes and combs as well as laying them with the bristles down to dry.

You can clean wooden brushes which have natural or mixed bristles in a similar way. The difference is in the ingredients you use for the cleaning solution. You should be careful not to wet the wooden base and handles of the brushes too much. Complete step 1 and 2 and for step 3 use different cleaning solution. Mix one cup of water with 5 drops of tea tree oil. Shake to dissolve and apply to clean and wash the brush base, pad and bristles. Complete step 4 by slightly moistening the brush base and bristles with water to remove the tea tree oil and wipe dry with a cloth. Leave the brush with the bristles down on a towel to dry completely.

Using these easy and effective methods and cleaning solutions to wash your brushes and combs you will have perfectly hygienic and impeccable hair tools. Repeat them once a week to keep dust mites, skin oils, dander and germs away from your hair and head skin.  

Guest Post provided by Shannon Noble


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