Easy Beauty tips for Summer

The summer season has been exceptionally hot and dry this year in Edmonton.

Although I love summer and prefer it over the cold winter, some beauty problems come along with it.
If you are like me and your hair is naturally wavy or curly, it may turn frizzy.

Longer hair can be hot on your neck.

You feel sweaty as soon as you step out of the shower.

Here are some things we can do to help relieve these problems.

Keep Hydrated

You lose a lot of water from sweating in the high temperatures. It’s important to get plenty of cold water throughout the day.

Pop, Sodas and other sweet drinks just make you thirstier.

Keeping hydrated can also help to prevent a heat stroke.

Staying hydrated also helps to fight dry skin, whether it is winter or summer. It’s a good thing to make a habit of carrying water with you.

Remember there are many fresh fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of water, such as watermelons, peaches and plums, these fresh yummy items will also give you a boost of vitamins and minerals.

Go Easy on the Make-Up

One thing I notice when I start sweating is that my eye make-up starts smearing.

Try not to use heavy make-up during these hot days.

You might wish to choose a lighter, water-based foundation or a BB Cream. 

Burt’s Bees has a great BB Cream with SPF 15. It moisturizes, evens skin tone and conceals fine lines, wrinkles and dark under eye areas.

Rimmel Clean Finish Liquid Foundation is lightweight and uses shine controlling minerals to help you avoid the dreaded shiny face. It is fragrance free and gives skin an even complexion without clogging the pores.

Getting a lightweight BB Cream or foundation with sunscreen protection is definitely a big bonus!

Switching dark mascaras and eye-liners to a softer look for the summer, that way if you do sweat it won’t be such dramatic dark smudges.

 Protect Yourself from Sun Damage

Make sure that you are always wearing sunscreen or even sun block.

Choose the protection level that is right for your skin type, and the amount of time you will spend in the sun.

Sun Bum SPF 15 Moisturizing Sunscreen is enriched with Vitamin E. It is water-resistant, vegan and hypoallergenic.

Coppertone SPF 30 Sunscreen contains Aloe and Vitamin E helps prevent peeling and dryness. It is also water –resistant to provide complete protection.


Cooler Hair Styles

At the first sign of high temperatures, my hair goes into a ponytail – anything to keep the hair off of my neck.

Here is a blog post I did on great hairstyles for summer.

Dress to Stay Cool

Most of us want to wear shorts and light-weight tops for a casual summer look.

If you work outside the home, this probably isn’t acceptable work attire. 

If you need to wear dressier clothes, try light, flowy skirts and blouses.

Cotton is cooler than most other fabrics and if it does get wet, it dries fast.

You’ll probably want to avoid tight jeans, close-fitting tops and so on. These tend to make you feel even hotter and more uncomfortable in the warm weather.