Fourth of July Nails

Happy Fourth of July to my American readers!!

To show I haven’t forgotten about you, I wanted to share this cute nail design with you.

It is very simple although it looks like a lot of work.

The only tools you will need is a toothpick but you can also use a nail striper and dotting tool.

 Here is what you need:

- Base coat
- White Polish
- Red polish

- Start by applying a Base coat to the nails, this helps to protect the nails from staining and will give you a long lasting mani.

- Apply Blue polish to the nails. Let dry completely.

- Using the White Polish , apply to the tips of the nails, like an exaggerated French Tip. You may have to use a couple of coats for the best opacity. Let dry for a few minutes.

- Using a toothpick or nail striper, apply small lines of the Red polish down the tips of the nail.

- Using a toothpick or dotting tool, apply white dots in the Blue part of the nail.

- Apply a fast drying Top coat.

If you are more advanced, you can definitely add stars instead of dots.

Hope you like this nail design!

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Hope you all have a Happy and safe Fourth of July!!