Want to provide your locks with a flawless maintenance? Learn common hair care mistakes, which damage your hair and avoid them at any cost!

1. Ignorance of scalp care
According to experts at NYC Hair Salon, scalp maintenance is very important for healthy hair. Unfortunately, there are very few people, who really take care of their scalp. If you want to fix this mistake, you should avoid extremely hot water in the shower and treat your scalp with massages regularly.

2. Excessive usage of heat
Heated tools can make your hair look great, but they can also cause serious thermal damage. Frequent exposure to heat is a very common and dangerous mistake. We recommend keeping the usage of heated appliances to a minimum!

3. Ignorance of regular trims
It’s essential to visit NYC Hair Salon every other month and keep your hair trimmed. Ends are extremely susceptible damage, which can affect an overall condition of your hair negatively. Innocent split ends can grow into breakage or even more serious hair problems, so refresh your ends regularly!

4. Wrong washing habits
Hair maintenance mistakes start in the shower with wrong washing habits. Some people have an obsessive to desire to keep their clean and wash it every day. Excessive shampooing destroys natural oils and essential moisture of your hair, causing terrible dryness. You should shampoo your locks less often to have healthier hair!

5. Improper hydration
Proper hydration is the main prerequisite of healthy hair, but many people fail to provide their locks with enough moisture. It’s not that difficult to hydrate your hair properly. The easiest and most efficient way to do it is to use a moisturizing conditioner each time you shampoo; give it a shot!

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