Matte Stripes and Dots Manicure

I love mixing polka dots and stripes.

I think this manicure is super cute.

I saw these China Glaze polishes at Sally Beauty and had to get them.

You, of course, can use any colors you would like!

I used a toothpick for this design but you can use a dotting tool and nail striper or you can use scotch tape to make the stripes, make the tape less tacky by putting the tape on the back of your hand. Then cut it into strips.

I find this is much easier if you have shaky hands like me.

I also like the velvety matte finish.
You don’t need a matte finish but if you would like to know how to get the Perfect Matte Mani, click HERE!

Here are the steps:

Step 1:
- Don't forget to protect the nails by applying a base coat. Apply a base color (I chose to alternate the colors on each nail). Let dry completely. 

Step 2:
-Apply a line to the nail, this will be a starting point of where you would like to have the lines and dots. Apply lines to one side of the line you just created. Don’t worry if the lines aren’t perfect, you can always go back and fix it by applying the base color to make cleaner lines. 

Step 3:
- On the side without stripes, apply dots to the nail.

Step 4:
- Apply a top coat and then apply a matte top coat.

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Products Used:

Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat $4.60

China Glaze – Too Yacht to handle $7.50

China Glaze – Turned up Turquoise $7.50

Essie 'Good To Go!' Top Coat $10.00

Nicole by OPI Nicole Drying Drops $6.99