Beachy Waves using a Curling Iron - Great for Short hair

Today I wanted to share my technique for getting those loose beachy waves with a curling iron. 

I like to start mid way through the hair - not at the lowest part of the head, only because I find it is getting covered anyway. 

I start by curling loose curls on the lower layers and finish by using the curling iron like a wand for the top of the head. 

I find this gives that tousled look along with some great volume. 

I spritz some Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray  onto my hair and scrunch the hair.

I also like to use Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Texture Powder, this keeps the curls from becoming one big wave throughout the day (Watch the video for a great tip on how to use texture powder).

This may take time to get used to but once you have the technique down, it will take no time at all!

Hope you like this style :)

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