What my marriage has taught me about myself

With my 3 year anniversary coming up in less than a month (we’ve been together for 7 years),  I have been reflecting on what a different person I am compared to what I was before getting married -before I met my husband and overall how much I have changed since meeting my husband.

It’s not Rainbows and Roses

Marriage is work but not hard work.

Yes, we’ll have disagreements. Yes we will be annoyed at each other.

I knew this before we got married but when things seem bad, it’s a good reminder.

 No one knows your feelings until you voice them

I was really good at keeping my feelings in. Not voicing the problems I had going on in my life.

They may have been small but my problems were still my problems and I needed to vent and get the feelings out somehow.

My Husband, Josh is a blunt person and will tell it like it is whether it’s good or bad, he certainly doesn’t sugar coat anything.

Being around him helped me be more blunt with my issues and letting my voice be heard.

 Not being the doormat

I was always there for my friends whether they needed someone to talk to, a place to stay and money – anything they needed.

People would tell me to do things and even though I didn’t want to I would do it anyway because I didn’t want to let them down or be difficult.

I would only hear from certain people when they wanted something from me.

Once I started to voice myself certain people would say I was rude and selfish.

 At first it would really bother me, maybe I was rude to them – maybe I am just being selfish.

The more I asserted myself, the more I was starting to see that I was being taken advantage of.

I may have lost some people in my life but  I am no longer a doormat.

Laugh more

Some people can be way too serious and way too emotional.  

Josh is the most even tempered and calm person I have ever known.

Sometimes I look at him and I know how lucky I am to be married to him. I can’t help but smile and let whatever silly thing that was upsetting me fade away. 

He has taught me to smile and laugh more and to be my goofy self.

Loving myself

I am so thankful that I have someone in my life who loves me just as I am.  

He loves my crazy quirks and my goofiness.

I am especially lucky that he loves me regardless if I’m skinny or if I gain weight.

He’s not trying to change me.

If I’m having a self-hating day, he picks up on it and knows exactly what to say to make me feel better about myself.

Life is the most wonderful, precious gift you could ever be given

The world was created to be enjoyed.

We have all been given a box of crayons - a box of crayons called life.

We get one shot at this life – draw a masterpiece!