1. Detangle dry or wet hair
The first advantage of finger detangling is the absence of limits. You don’t have to wait until your hair is wet in order to get rid of tangles. According to hairstylists at Hair Salon New York, if you detangle your hair with fingers patiently, you won’t have to be afraid of the dreaded breakage.

2. You save money on tools
Many women have a whole arsenal of brushes, which becomes bigger and bigger over years. If you use tools to detangle your hair, you have a decent excuse for wasting your money on them. Finger detangling eliminates the need of purchasing too many brushes and combs, thus saving your money.

3. This method is less harsh
Since your fingers are much softer in comparison with your brush, the whole process is considered to be less harsh for your locks. According to experts at Hair Salon New York, finger detangling also means less hair loss! You should still follow a well-known technique – start from your ends and gradually move to the roots.

4. You learn your hair better
This method of eliminating knots and tangles is a good way to learn your hair better. When you start working with your fingers regularly, you’ll learn to assess the condition of your hair. Thus, you can detect annoying problems and start looking for effective solutions!

5. You can combine with tools
You don’t necessarily have to abandon your tools and completely switch to finger detangling. It would be even better if you combine finger detangling with a regular combing/brushing. Learn what works better for your hair and develop your own schedule.

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