Back to School / Running Late Hairstyles

Sometimes there just isn’t time for hair, I know for myself I tap that snooze button a few too many times and quickly need to get ready.

Here are some hairstyles that take little to no time at all, the best part is they look like they took time but only you will know you got ready in minutes.

Braids are great for quick styles, mostly because you don’t need a mirror to see what you are doing.

This Dutch Braid Updo only needs a few pins to secure it and you are done!

Here is the video link:

Of course this will be in this list, it is the best quick style.

Here is a tutorial on the Messy bun that is messy yet polished.

I have been wearing this style for years. It is super easy and looks great.

The only thing that takes time is braiding the hair across the head, you may need to practice this a few times but once you have it down, this will be your favorite go-to style as well!

 Here is the Video Tutorial Link:

This is great if you’re lucky and your hair isn’t a complete mess in the morning.

Taking the sides, quickly braiding them and adding them to your ponytail gives a little extra something to the basic ponytail.

In this tutorial, I used a fishtail braid but you can definitely use a regular 3 strand braid.

What is easier than tying your hair in knots and pinning it and have it as messy or polished as you like. 

Here is the VideoTutorial:

I hope you find these styles helpful and please let me know of any other tutorials 
you would like to see : )


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