Braided Bangs Hair Tutorial

This is an easy way to wear your hair if you want your bangs away from your face.

I have been wearing my hair like this on almost all of my casual days and especially after swimming.

It can be worn with wavy or straight hair and for all hair lengths.

It’s so easy to braid the hair and pin it back!

In this video tutorial I start by parting my hair in the centre, I find a centered part looks better with this look.

I braid the hair in a three strand braid only adding sections from the front (close to hairline).

I find French braiding is best when the hair is flat (no twisting the hair) and I like to add to the section that is going to be the centre section. Hope that makes sense…

I also like to lift the hair straight up, this gives the roots volume and the braid isn’t tight against the head.

I finish off by sectioning off the hair in the back, grabbing a small section and using an elastic to make a flat ponytail against the head. This is a great tip and you won’t need to adjust bobby pins throughout the day.

I like to loosen the braids by gently pulling the loops on the sides, this gives the braids more volume. 

You can braid one side of the head or both sides.

It is a great style if you are camping, swimming, or even shopping.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and subscribe to my YouTube Channel for other tutorials :)