Elegant Purple Nail Design

If you are looking for a unique manicure, consider your search over!

This pictorial will show you how to create perfect elegant nails in a few easy steps.

You can use any colors you want but I couldn’t resist using this deep purple color.

I used a Dotting tool to make some dots and a Nail Striper for some lines but you can easily use a toothpick for this design.

 Here is what you need:

- Dotting tool or toothpick
- Nail Striper or toothpick

- Start by applying a Base coat to the nails, this helps to protect the nails from staining and will give you a long lasting mani.

- Apply White nail  polish to the nails. Let dry completely.

- On the thumb and ring finger, apply Purple nail polish to the bottom half of the nails.

- For the rest of the nails, using the thin part of the brush apply 2 lines of Purple Polish to the centre of the nail. You may have to use a couple of coats for the best opacity. Let dry for a few minutes.

- Add a few dots to the purple strip.  You can leave it like this by applying a top coat or go to the next step for a great way to finish this manicure.

- Using a nail striper or toothpick, apply lines of  Black Nail Polish to the areas where Purple and white nail polish meet.

- Apply a fast drying Top coat.

Hope you like this design!